300fps Professional Video Camera … Exists?!?!

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      For years, I did my professional work with a Canon XL2, then XLH1. I film a lot of wildlife, and was looking into overcranking capabilities. I discovered the Panasonic HVX200, which overcranks to 60fps. The quality is great, and the video result is stunning (for subjects like running horses and flying birds).

      I am so in love with the aesthetic of slow motion, I wanted to try out the Casio EX-F1 camera. It’s a toy, but it has record modes at 300, 600, and 1200fps. The quality is pretty trashy, but the visuals are spectacular.

      I would love to purchase a prosumer or professional camera, price range under $15,000 that would be able to record 30fps video with sound, obviously, but have a 300fps mode. Good HD quality, even SD would be acceptable, but 320×480 from the EX-F1 Pro just isn’t going to cut it for broadcast.

      I’ve looked and looked, I don’t think such a camera exists. Maybe something to do with the sensor, or the way the rotating shutter records high speed video… whatever the reason, I’ve yet to see anything.

      You’d think this would be a fairly popular technology? I’ve never seen anything compare to a good 300fps movie… they’re just spectacular.

      Anyway, thanks to anyone and everyone who recommends cameras.

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      There basic setup with the M3 camera and a frame grabber is about $15,000. I just got a quote from a company in Arkansas that gave me that price.

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      Check out Twixtor. I’ve done some pretty wild stuff with this plug in.


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