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      Hi, I’m making a 30 second commercial for a school project and contest. I’m well into the pre-production stage and am almost done with the storyboarding. I was just wondering if anyone knew what the average shot length is for a 30 second commercial. I’m going to have over 12 shots which equals about 2.5 seconds each. Is 1 or 2 seconds too short for the audience to get what’s going on? Thanks in advance!

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      The rule of thumb for shot length is 4 seconds. If you are cutting to music, you may want this to be longer or shorter. Do note that when you shoot, you want to shoot shots much longer than their end length, you need space to play with it in the edit.

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      yup, the basic rule of thumb is 4 seconds, but for a commercial, it can really vary in my opinion. As you may know, commercials have the most edits than most other productions. Otherwise think it really depends on the style of the commercial, and the composition and complexity of the images. And as, tonsofpcs said, Always film more than you plan to use!!!!

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