3 monitor editing bay: HOW?

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      Hey, everyone…

      I was in the early stages of looking for a new computer to edit on (my internet-virgin, editing only VAIO is over eight years old! Time for an upgrade…). I currently have a two monitor setup, but was looking to expand to three. You know… the classic two for the program and the third for the actual video.

      I don’t mind spending a little bit on a special graphics card to do it… my budget for the computer is $3K (I’ve been saving for a while! =).

      Thanks in advance!


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      with that budget I’d look at a 30 inch display….lots of room for tool palets and work windows…..a second monitor for video preview…
      oops, I didn’t take enough time to read that right…that’s your computer and monitor budget!
      go with an Imac (24 inch)…(up the ram) and add a high def tv for video monitoring….

      for my needs, (location work mostly) I work with a macbook, external raid, and flat panel tv and or video projector!
      I plug the tv into my (spare) camcorder, a dvi adaptor to the projector, and tough it out on the macbook (ram maxed out at 2 gigs).

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