3 minute short - I Need Green Screen Tips?

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Howdy! A buddy and I recently shot this short. We used a green screen set up. I lit the green screen up really well, and put decent light on the subjects. In the hair and beard you can see some green bleeding through, and sometimes the green reflects off of different objects in the foreground. Subjects are about 10 feet from the screen. I'm shooting on a Panasonic HMC-150. Anybody got any suggestions to suppress green spillage? Thanks!


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What NLE are you using to edit this out with and do the chroma key effect with? The settings in green screen or chroma key area should have all kinds of sliders to get this effect done right.

See my blue screen effect using My NLE, Pinnacle Studio and a nice Blue Sky for the effect. I shot this with a Canon ZR930 camcorder http://youtu.be/Hcw8svlNrow

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Watch this: http://downloads.digitaljuice.com/djtv/DJTV-TechKnow-s01e109-iPod.mp4

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This is really good and very clean.

We did something similiar but seem to have glow on it. Any suggestions for this?