3 hrs to render a 20 min.

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      Hi there.

      I have purchased a sanyo HD2000 and also vagus 9 to use for my hang gliding business.

      The movies are taking way to long to make. Is it normal for a 20 minute DVD to take up to 3 hours to even render? This is without any txt or special effects.

      Thanks Peter

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      You are asking a computer processing question, not a camera and software question.

      But to answer your question – Yes, it can take that long or longer, or shorter, depending on computer.

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      A lot depends on your computer processer and hardwarepower. Tell us what you are using and I am sure someone herewill be able to tell you if this is normal.

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      Bruce and Cville are right on – the chief decision of rendering speed mostly relies on the capabilities of your computer, mainly the processor. The amount of RAM memory calso plays a factor but not near the as much as the proesssing speed.

      Different types of software do pose different rendering strategies, but the solidness of your system is the primary dictator. Video software that embraces the quality of its graphics more than anything else GENERALLY gives off more lag. In some cases, these are merely”consumer gimmics” for an intended audience.

      Like I mentioned above, this isn’t always the case. Cyberlink PowerDirector7 (and even more so with 8) run very smoothly. Being software that’s aimed at consumers, frankly, I’ve been very impressed. It’s a great combination of the right graphics, features, and degree of stability.

      Nicegoing, Cyberlink

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      Don’t feel too bad – I once had a render of a two hour video take 26 hours!

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      I’ve been thinking about that question…

      I really don’t know how (the fastest way) a person can jump out of an airplane, video record the parachute descent, then, while the customer waits, make a DVD of the jump. Surely people won’t wait around for 3.5 hours! That’s probably longer than learning to make the jump and doing it.

      What member peter should have asked is HOW to use the recording on his Sanyo to make a 20 min DVD ASAP. Or at least, what are others in similar (adventure tourism) businesses doing?

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      ha! that sound like me!

      I made a 10 minute video, and it took about 1 hour to render it.

      If you want faster renderings, try to upgrade your processor/graphiccard. I am goint to. And dont buy crappy $50 ones. I am saving $300 to buy a graphic card.


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      I don’t think the video card plays any role when renering from thetime line to an mpeg for a dvd. I think it is all processor.

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      I think Peter gave up on this post. I had extremely long rendering times 2hrs.+ for a 7 minute video. Then I put together an editor w/a Quad processor, 8GB DDR3Ram, plenty of drives, etc. Now, the 2 hours has gone down to minutes.

      For rendering, the fastest processor you can get will help and for previewing you need a good, fast GPU w/plenty of memory, and lotsa, lotsaram.

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      Don’t feel bad. I’m exporting a 20 minute wedding ceremony and it is taking 86 hours. That’s right 86 hours. This does not count the rendering and exporting times for the failed attempts, which number about 30 times. I don’t know why it is happening like this. Nothing I have ever worked on has taken this much time. I normally have a very fast turn-around of about a two weeks, but I have been slaving over this project for over two months and I have yet to get to edit the reception. I am lucky I have a patient client.

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      Peter, your footage according to the camera specs is mp4 soit’s taking that long because vegas is decompressing and recompressing the footage to render it to mpg2 for dvd compliance. All you can do to speed up the process is to get the most ram and fastest processor to speed up the job.

      And unfortunately, Vegas does not use the GPU when rendering, so it is completely up to CPU and RAM.

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      I’m rendering a 28 minute show, and it takes 4-5 hours! Believe me, I’m checking it twice for more changes before I render! lol

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