3 Excellent Computer Choices for Video Editing

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OK, I give I give. (In this post the word gamers is to be equated with videographer)

I do not like to make computer suggestions, why? Well if someone is unhappy guess who get's bit in the hinnie? YEP me. But here it goes. Here are 3 of the top computer companies that focus on gaming systems. As I mentioned in another post, those who work with video should buy gaming systems. The reason? I will restate. Games cannot predict the path a player will take, therefore with each and every move a gamer makes in a game the ENTIRE video on the display must be redrawn from scratch, this is not like a DVD playing, that information is processed then sent to the GPU, in a game the GPU must draw as the player moves about, that tells you how fast that GPU must render.

Rendering video is the same, the "next step" information does not exist yet, you are creating it, therefore the GPU must be the muscle in rendering the unpredictable path you the videographer has taken, therefore a gaming PC is the best option.

Here are the 3 top gaming manufactures in the U.S. (world for that matter) I do not favor one above the other (I do really but for the sake of this post I will attempt to remain neutral) So in random order here we go.

1) Alienware
They just make some crazy awesome gaming systems. Alienware started out as a gaming only company and still holds to that. Therefore since their entire focus is on gaming ALL their systems are suitable. They also make some crazy awesome cases. You can't really beat Alienware for their gaming focus and power, therefore they would be the tops for video rendering. One more note, Dell did buy the company in the mid 2000's but Dell left the design and focus of the company alone.

2) MSi
They fell off in sales last year, so they refocused on the gaming market this year. In fact their entire business model is toward gamers. Although they are focusing on gamers in 2012 they have been around a long time and are tried and true. Another good thing about their entry into the gaming field is their prices may be a bit lower than others for the first few months.

3) Asus
In the computer world Asus is the (BMW, Lexus, whatever you lust model car is) of computer makers. Asus is consider one of the top makers of all computer parts that are gold in quality and they have one of the best lines of systems out there. I do feel they are fat on pricing, but Asus is Asus, they are more than a brand, they are status and power.

So there it is, any of the above 3 makers is going to give you the best bang for the buck to render video. In fact It might be the last system you would need to buy for a very long time since we are approaching the end of Moore's Law. I will not suggest on above the other however if anyone should so desire you may order this one for me and just ship it right to me


Enjoy your video rendering experience.