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      I’m looking for a 3ccd camcorder. I have very little knowledge of camcorders in general, but need to purchase one for my company. The camera must be good in very low lighting, mainly for tripod shoots, but also the occasional active shoot, must have decent sound. I have been looking at the Canon GL2, but it is a bit above our budget through any reputable company. We have a budget of $1000-$1800. This price must include any extended life battery, warrenty, etc… If this price seems ridiculous, can you suggest the next step down? Does any one have a suggestion on a camcorder, place to purchase, or other websites that may help?

      Thank you!

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      Panasonic nv-md 10000. Good price ( 1300 us $ ) – bhphoto.
      It should be professional ( it has the look! ).

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      I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard great things about the Panasonic DVC 30, which is in your price range.


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      I use the Panasonic NV GS-4000. $AU1800 and some haggling got me: the camera, extended warranty, lense cleaning kit, super heavy duty 5300mAh extended life battery, 12x 60 min Panasonic MiniDV tapes, a neutral density filter, a cleaning tape and a dedicated Panasonic Stereo zoom microphone.

      I opted for the Panasonic microphone as the camera only has one AV plug which the user must select for microphone or headset. By using the Panasonic zoom michrophone, the microphone connects through special contacts located in the mounting shoe, thus leaving the AV plug for the headphones. – So far so good.

      Be careful if you intend to use a video light as the Panasonic VW-LDH3 uses power from the camera. Use a unit that has its own power supply. If you use a shoe adaptor to use multiple accessories then you will lose the use of the stereo zoom microphone.
      If monitoring you sound is not an issue then the AV jack is set to microphone and you can plug in a standard male pin unit

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