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      Typically I batch render my projects so I can set it and forget it: One DVD quality .mpg, a AC3-PRO file, and one AVCHD .m2ts for Blu-Ray. (yes I know .m2ts has unneeded audio in the end on a blu-ray disc as it is replaced by the .ac3, but I still render the full video with audio for future reference if needed – the same for the DVD file)

      For some odd reason one of my .mpg files kept having a tiny glitch in the exact same area after rendering it. I tried 4 different renders, and even restarted my computer to no help. So I ultimately decided to make the DVD file from the previously rendered .m2ts file.

      I was expecting an overall slightly lower quality file – but worth it to fix the little hiccup in the DVD render from the original project timeline. After the render was done I compared the .mpg files from the two different renders. I not only played them but took screenshots as well. Under close inspection the render from the AVCHD is actually slightly better than a first generation render straight from the project (not by leaps and bounds, but still noticeable if you look close). The render settings are all identical. A little surprising to me.

      This in theory could make it faster in the end as rendering from the completed .m2ts is faster as all effects are already included and there is no processing required to render them out again. However, I am not sure there is a way to script this out? This would still require manual rendering as far as I know. Does anyone know a way to do this? I am a bit confused as to why an original render would not be optimal in the first place…

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      I am still looking for maybe a solution to this? My next wedding I had the same issues with the hiccups in the .mpg render. I am starting to think that maybe Vegas has an issue creating a DVD .mpg straight from the raw NEX5 AVCHD files, but can handle the Vegas created AVCHD file just fine. Just a thought…

      Anyway looking for a way to automate this procedure if possible.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Are you rendering and burning to DVD directly from Vegas? I have found DVD Architect does a better job and I use mpg files with it all the time.

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