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      I have a wedding coming up in september that I am supposed to cover. and I just bought 2 camcorders. My problem is I dont know how to cover an event using two camcorders. Can somone please tell me how to make that happen, thanks alot

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      get 2 people if posible and have one camera in the back gettign a WS of the cerimony with ocational close ups but from a stationalry position. then Have the hother camera wonder around, getting difrent angels of: bride and groom, paster, and the guests. if you only have 1 person set up a medium shot in the back and you do the moving camera.

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      thank you very much guys for your help and ideas and advice thanks alot

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      I personally don’t think you need 2 cameras to cover a wedding day. But if that’s the case, hire somebody to operate 2nd camera. Discuss prior to a shoot who’s doing what: heads/cuts, close-up/wide, groom/bride, happening/reaction and so on.

      Or you can use 1st camera to cover everything and the 2nd one as a back up to follow 1st camera and pick up everything the 1st camera might miss.

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Viewing 3 reply threads
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