$2500 for prosumer hdv camera

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      Hello, i been looking into purchasing a hdv camera and wanted some help. i was looking at the


      I will using it to record things like auctions, films, skits, alot of outside stuff, low light stuff, and alot of stuff on the go(stability issuses). i wanted a camerathat has non-tape based record options.

      Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, finding legit info on these level of camera has been kinda hard even for the savvy web ninja. Thank you.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      I think you’d dig the FX7. No need to pay that much for it though. You can find it for half that all day long on ebay.

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      Or brand new for 1999 from B&H with free shipping and an extra battery. Nothing like getting a box from B&H.

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      Thanks for the quick replys.

      Well from the reviews i have seen on the web (CNET, AMAZON) all have great reviews, but will havethats says something like this”low light? forget it, not with this camera” or “must have tripod”. also “cheaply made materials”. alot of those reviews are less than 2weeks out the box and suspect to viral marketing, and people that are amateurs(nothing wrong with that.) This looks like it has some experts around.

      I really want a camera that will work outside in low light(night times), outside. something thats not made with”cheap plastic” and something that won’t have astability issuse. if i have to come up in price i will. i justed wanted to get an idea of whats out there for my needs.

      Thanks guys

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      I’d dig anything that’s got AVCHD and is good in low light. That means it records tapeless, or has the option to do so. Check some reviews… FX7, FX1, AX2000

      I would go with the FX7, or the FX1 if you’re willing to pay more. The AX2000 has a native 30p and 24p option, but costs a lot more, as it is newer than the other two, but it seems to record better in low light.

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      From my own “research” on the net, I have come to the conclusion that low light capabilty and sensor size go hand in hand. The larger the sensor, the better in low lightbutthe more it costs (as XTR-91 pointed out)

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