24P audio issue?

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First post...thanks for letting me in!

I have a JVC GY HM100U. I shot some segments on 24P; the only audio was from my shotgun. I can hear it on the camera playback, but when I import to my Mac (10.6.8)...there is no audio. I can import the clips into Final Cut Pro and SEE the audio (channel 2, perfect levels), but I cannot hear it. Any insight? Many thanks.

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On my Windows 7 desktop, sometimes the audio has to be processed. Try leaving your editing program open with the project. Wait for 30 minutes to see if it's just a processing issue. Good luck!

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Go to View > External Video and make sure All Frames is checked.

Also go to View > Audio Playback and see where audio is being sent to. You might choose Built-In Line Output. Maybe you'll choose your I/O card if you have an I/O card. I don't know your system configuration, so I don't know what exactly should be selected for this particular step.