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      I was going to buy a wonderful Canon HFS100 but I realized that my old mac wouldn’t handle HD. I now want to buy an new editing computer! I’m looking at a 24″ iMac with 4GB RAM and a 1TB hard drive. I will be using Final Cut Express and a future AVCHD HFS100. Am I missing anything? Will this computer suit editing? Ideas?

      Thanks in advance for all your great ideas guys!

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      Depending on your processor, but it should be fine. Last November I upgraded to a 24″ iMac, 2.8ghz dual core, 4 gigs of ram. It works very well, never had any trouble with it editing SD footage from a DVX.

      In June I picked up an HMC-150, I was concerned about the computers ability to handle the AVCHD footage. Fortunately it handles it with no problem. Install all the recent FCP updates, and the AVCHD footage transfers straight in to FCP and is converted to Apple Pro Res.

      I also bought my iMac refurbished from apple, and saved about 500 bones on it. Your iMac should have no trouble doing what you want to do.

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      Great! And by the way I will be using final cut EXPRESS. I don’t think it has the Pro res. Not a problem?
      I just found a page where they say that a new iMac is coming soon. Sould I wait some more or just don’t waste my time on this? I think that a design and price update would make sense because it has been a long time since Apple hasn’t updated in that direction.


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      If you have any intentions of using an AVCHD device, buy FCS. HD is ok on the 24″ iMac if it is captured from tape in the HDV format; however, I believe the AVCHD codec will bring your Mac to its knees. I just abandoned Premiere Pro CS4 and switched to FCS because the ProRes codec will allow me to edit without upgrading my iMac. Mine is a 24″ with a 2.93 ghz processor. It works fine but the encoding is still long and painful. Gerry in Calgary.

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      I bought the new 27”, snow leopard, 1 tb hard drive, 3.06 cpu, great machine. thanks to all

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      Congrats! You should be “golden” for engaging in a broad range of video production. May The Force be with you, and iLife 09, for starters.

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      Did you get the dual or quad core 27″ Imac? I’m coming from a dual core PC and considering a mac. My PC couldn’t handle the AVCHD files with Vista, but Windows 7 seems much better. I still think I want to go Mac.

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      dual core, works great. what do you mean, earl?

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