$2000 camera for newbie reccs?

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      Is it possible to get a solid tapeless HD camera for ~$2000? What would be the best one? I was glancing at the Canon XA10, but any other recommendations?

      I’ll mostly be using this on a tripod in a studio, with external mic sound. Primarily talking heads for streaming web use. Will have to transport the camera back-and-forth between India and China — so size is important.


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      If you can wait until June, I’d take a look at the new XA10 competitor, theSony HXR-NX30.

      Promo video here from Sony Professional is pretty impressive.

      If you can’t wait until June, I’d suggest you at least wait until NAB next week to see if there’s anything else announced near your price point.



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      Hi Dean

      I recently purchased a Canon XA10 and it performs magnificently and deserves the “Professional” status that Canon has given it. It may be small and light, features that you are looking for, but performs as well as its much more expensive and heavier big brothers.

      The Sony HXR-NX30 may well a worthy competitor but the advantage of the XA10 at this time is that it has been out in the field for a while and has had plenty ofindependentreviews.

      I don’t need a built in projector and I don’t intend running around shooting from a sports car, but the XA10 may well work as well with the Powered stabilization feature switched on. With powered stabilization switched on, it is easy to get rock solid hand held shots on full zoom.

      Cheers Ian

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