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      Please repost in proper place if I have done so here erroneously. New to forums – joined another forum got help but, no useful help for my issue. I have 25 A/V recordings that are sitting converted to AVI on my HDD. Each are approx 45 min sets recorded on older VHS Cam BUT they have been all converted etc & play fine as data and/or vid files on a regular dvd player ie: have been converted properly. I just want to make DVD’s with Menus (Tranisitions fading in & Out etc. with motion menus)

      PLEASE if someone knows how to make a2 pg menu I would be forever thankful.

      1st page would have a full screen motion background menu, a looped 120 sec Vid with Audio. Pg 1 would also have 2 buttons a “Play All” button & a “Select Clip” button …”Select Clip” would take me to the 2nd page which has one Button “Main Menu” that takes me back to Pg 1. Now pg 2 would have one full screen Motion menu (looped 90 sec or so with audio & vid) AND 4 Clips / Vids / Recordings or whatever u wanna call em in 4 lil motion windows that fade in superimposed on the full screen menu & loop for 45 odd sec (these would have no audio). I should be able to select any clip & at the end of that particular clip / Vid / Recording the DVD would return to this 2nd page. 2nd page would also have a “Main Menu” button to take me to the 1st page.
      Now I have been successful with TMPGEnc DA BUT the “ONLY” issue is the DVD does not return to the 2nd page when a Vid is selected from the 2nd page – instead it returns to the 1st page.
      I have begged/borrowed etc. all the progs below BUT I really don’t want to spend a whole year tryin to learn all these to make a (simple) yet evidently unbelieavably hard, 2 pg menu to find out it can’t be done !. (As it happened with TMPG & a cpl of other progs mentioned) So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if ANYONE can gimme a step by step guide to do what I wanna with any of the progs stated under it would be AWESOME.

      1. TMPGEnc DVD Author 3
      2. Sonic Scenarist Standard Content Authoring V4.12
      3. Roxio DVDIt Pro
      4. Titlewriter
      5. Spruce DVD Maestro
      6. SonyVegasMovieStudioPlat 8 & SonyVegas Pro 8+ DVDArchitect 4.5
      7. PGC Edit
      8. Nero 8
      9. DVDStyler v1.5.1
      10. DVDLab Pro v2.3
      11. Ulead DVD Workshop 2
      12. Roxio MyDVD 10

      So Far TMPGEnc seems to be the easiest to use & has most options for transitions, micro adjustments etc. I am sooo close yet sooo far. There are probably a LOT of Experts on here & I REALLY REALLY would appreciate step by step directions on this.

      Thanks in Advance.

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