2 mono Y adapter to 1 stereo

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      Hi All,
      I am videotaping some speeches. I want the speaker to wear a wireless lav, and I want to use a shotgun mic mounted on my camcorder as a backup. The speaker will be about 15 feet from the camera. I want each signal to go to a different channel.

      So, can I just buy a Y adapter that has 2 mono inputs to one stereo input? Or do you recommend that I buy that Azden on-camcorder mixer for around 50 bucks? I’d rather just pay 10 for the Y adapter, as I don’t care too much about how audio levels compare between the two sources. I will choose to use one track or the other; whichever works the best and sounds the best. I will just apply the chosen track to both channels in post production. This is just a hobby for me, so great audio is not that important.
      I appreciate your input!

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      As long as you can separate channels later, you’ll be fine.

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      Thanks for your reply.

      Well, I’ve tried it out, and it seems like the wired microphone input is going into both sound channels, whereas the wireless mic input is only going to one channel. It’s odd because the wired microphone is certainly mono.

      So, why does one mono input only go to one channel and the other mono input go to both channels on my Y adapter?

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