2 monitors vs HDTV, is it possible?

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      I am in the process of purchasing a new workstation, but I need some suggestions as to a good monitor.

      The graphics card I will probably get is the PNY Quadro FX1300 PCIe 128mb which supports dual monitors.

      Question #1:
      Since I will be buying two monitors I would like to keep the cost as low as possible but yet still get a good monitor. I am probably looking at a minimum of 19 but better yet 21 monitors. Any suggestions as to a quality monitor without the quality price, and a good place to buy it?

      Question #2:
      (a) Is it at all possible to use one of the new HDTVs in place of the two monitors? A 30 HDTV might only cost a bit more than 2 good 21 monitors? Is this a feasible idea?

      (b) Assuming only one 30 HDTV, could I use such an arrangement as effectively as two monitors?

      (c) If this is possible is there a special video card I should get in place of the Quadro FX1300?

      (d) If I were to use Premier and After Effects for things that Vegas might not support (I already have the Adobe programs but have not used them) would such an arranngement work, and would I need to get one of the special capture cards designed for Premier?

      (e) Anything else I should be aware of?

      Thanks in advance for your help.


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