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      I am just starting to create DVDs and so far can only get one hour of high quality on one DVD. I understand there is a way to get 2 hours, but how? I start with AVI files,using Vegas, then render to VOBs, each one about 1.3GB. The DVD will only take three of these, but total time is about an hour. Can someone tell me what I need to do? Thanks for any help.

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      first, you don’t render vob files from vegas, use a bitrate calculator to find the optimum bit rate to encode to dvd compliant mpg2 files and render an AC-3 file for the audio. If you want to get two hours of video and audio on one dvd, you’ll need to lower the bit rate and you will not get high quality throughout.


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      I recently put my edited shoot of dances on over an hour DVD, edited in FCP6 to Compressor to DVDSP (using MPEG2 & AC3 files). First I used the same compressor bit rate (average and max) settings when encoding the DVD, I had a very good picture quality, however, when played on computer the DVD skipped, I lowered the Bit rate (avg & max) and made other changes, the skipping stopped.

      I have been looking to some info sources by which I can decide the settings of video encoding when building the DVD, you mentioned above ‘bitrate calculator’, I am wondering if you canelaborateon this, or point me in the direction to get more info? Thanks.

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      Red –

      Render from Vegas to MPEG2 and AC3 – Then use DVD Architect to put it to DVD – If necessary, DVDA will re-sample to fit.

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      If you didn’t get DVD Architect along with Vegas, you really should consider it. Even my 3.0 version of DVD Architect Studio has “professional level” controls for virtually every aspect of authoring. In addition to the ability to create custom menus and multimedia playback, I can use my best quality AVI’s for video sources and control the bit rates for compression either globally or for each source independentally. This allows me to put the main program at a higher bit rate than the DVD extras. And I can also create a DVD Plus disc for use in both computers & DVD players with ease. I can’t imagine DVD authoring without these controls.

      Since my source video is in my least compressed video format, I don’t have to calculate the bit rate at all. The software tells me when I’m packing in too much video for my selected bit rate, then can automatically optimize it to fit the disc. Or as I mentioned, I can change bit rates on files individually until it all fits the disc. My biggest complaint is that I have to upgrade to the Pro version to be able to add in alternate audio and/or video. (It’s just one more reason to go Pro.)

      But anyway, to answer your latest question about a bit rate calculator, here’s a link to part of a personally recommended series of articles, http://www.createspace.com/bitbudget It is provided as part of a series of articles on “DVD Authoring Nightmares” they will email to you once you register at http://www.createspace.com/Support/HowTo/Authoring.jsp

      Have fun with your authoring & good luck!

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