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      I will appreciate each and every feedback from everybody in this forum who can suggest a solution or approach to this project requirement.

      We currently have project that will require us to capture live DV cam feeds from 2 Cameras and also the screen output of a Windows XP program that will display speed information fed by hardware hooked up to the same computer.

      The 2 video inputs and the XP program has to be in-sync and capture to a stanard video file. We have experimented with using screen capture software such as Camtasia but encountered some issues: 1) the updates on XP program is delayed (probably due to the multiple events all being procesed by the same CPU). 2) the quality of the captured screen file is of poor quality.

      We are very open to any hardware software solution. Our only requirement is that we need to have:
      1) consolidate in one screen a syncronized output of the 3 inputs (2 dv cams + 1 XP Program that measures speed information)
      2) simple capture and write operation. We want a solution that does not require intensive customization or editing everytime we have to create the video file.
      3) be able to write the captured inputs and written to DVD, DVDr and other formats.

      We are also looking for a person or company that can assist us implement the solution.

      All your feedback will be very much appreciated


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      Thansk for the input. We have never considered that solution. It is an interesting approach but I am quite concern about the quality of the final product. We are hoping that we can get better synchronization among the varios windows by using video cards that will have onboard codecs and compression. Hopefully, the freed up CPU resources will be enough to get the orther programs in Sync with the Video and have Camtasia capture it all.

      I just do not know what cards will help us to the job.

      Any thoughts will be appreciated.


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