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      I filmed one of my teachers doing a lesson along with another teacher. I used to cameras and I want to edit them using the multiclip editing in FCP, but I can’t figure out how it works. I figured a few things out, but it just won’t come together.

      I selected the 2 clips and made them into a multiclip, and after a good while of reading in the online manual, I got the clips sync’d. The other day when I was working on it, I was able to switch the active angle and do some other stuff, but now nothing works it seems. I’ve got it where I play the clip back in the sequence, which shows up in the canvas. If I click on the “cut to angle 2” button, it puts the marker there like it’s supposed to and when i stop playback, it puts a cut there. But, when I go back and watch the clip again from before the cut, it doesn’t show the angle that I thought I had set it to.

      But now, after fiddling around some more, it looks like I make the cut using the “cut to angle 1 or 2” button, whatever angle I’m cutting to, and then I have to go back and for the section that I just cut I have to set the active angle. But when I do that, I get to the section where the playhead is currently at, and when I try to switch the active angle back to what I started with, it says “insufficient content for edit.”

      So, I’m just totally confused. I edited a whole school play that I shot with 2 cameras in Premiere by just setting the clips up with my primary camera on the first track and the other camera on the second, and just cutting out the video on the 2nd track when I didn’t want to show that camera view. It took forever, but it was so much easier. Why isn’t this as easy as it should be?

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