2-3 Screen Setup?

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      I was wanting to try and get a good 2-3 screen setup going, and I have no clue where to start other than screens. I already have a HPvs19d monitor, and I wanted to get a matching one. But I have also been looking at a Dell E207WFP too. Any suggestions?

      Also, the graphics card dilemma is my problem. I have no clue where to start, and I don’t want to pay an outrageous price for a graphics card. Any help would be appreciated.

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      Excuse my ignorance….. but what is a 2-3 screen?

      Ken Hull

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      He is asking about running more than one monitor off his computer.

      Its up to you, but I like matching screens. The dual monitor thing works best when both monitors are set to the same resolution so I would say find one like you have. Most good video cards have dual outputs anymore, some 2 vga or vga and dvi and many times they come with a dvi to vga adapter. Im using a gforce 7300gs,its a fairly budget (like 70$ I think) card but runs 2 monitors just fine. The more you spend the faster card you get, so its all up to your budget. I often watch a movie on one screen while working on the other. It is also is much easier to do video editing on 2 screens. You not stuck with the little preview window, you can use the 2nd monitor for a full screen preview.

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