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      So I’ve been looking at more cameras, and see the Sony VX2100 has 1 lux, and the Panasonic DVX100B has 3 lux. How much of a difference is that? I think I read in a different thread that twilight is 10Lux and deep twighlit is 1 lux? Since I don’t think I’d ever film in deep twiglight (maybe in twilight), then does that really make much of a difference? I know the Panasonic should technically start to look grainy sooner, but will it ever get to that point if I’m filming in 10 lux or more?

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      Like Hank said, camera manufacturers aren’t all using the same measure to determine the lux rating of their cameras. To go one step further, camera manufacturers don’t even hold to the same values within their brands. I have a cheap-o consumer grade Sony Handycam that’s supposedly "0 Lux" even without night vision (which is a whole other crappy con, but I digress), and that camera can’t hold a candle to (pardon the pun) the VX-2100, rated at a less-impressive looking 1 Lux.

      You also noted that you don’t think you’d ever be filming in 1 to 3 lux. I’ll stop to remind you that you probably spend a lot of time in 1-3 Lux environments, but you never notice it due to your incredible eyes. The human eye is truly the most magnificent camera ever built. With it’s incredible field of view, color depth, focus capabilities (for some) and iris adjustment, there’s not a camera on the market that can come close to the human eye. (Now if I could figure out how to wire one to a MiniDV deck…)

      The level of light fluctuates greatly all day, but we don’t notice because our eyes adjust so well. Honestly, From 100 lux all the way up to 100,000, our eyes do an incredible job of balancing the exposure all the time, so to us, high noon doesn’t look brighter than say, 5:30PM, even though it’s really a difference of tens of thousands of lux.

      Even at night out eyes have vastly superior picture. We can see fairly clearly under a full moon, which is hundreds of thousands times darker than high noon. That’s incredible.

      You might not notice it, but you will run into 1-3 lux all the time. A vary large room in a house with only one bulb on is going to be in this range. Many lighed scenes at niht are in this range. It happens a lot, you just don’t see it because your eyes’ iris open up, making it look brighter than it really is.

      That being said, the 100B is a great camera, as is the VX2100. Either way, you’re in good hands. Personally, I’d get as much bang for the buck, and go for the Sony. But I’m partial. I like Sonys πŸ™‚

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