1CCD vs. 3CCD…big difference?

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      is a consumer 1CCD vs. a 3CCD camcorder a big difference in video quality?……cause yeah, I wanna upgrade to a 3CCD camcorder cause i think people take you more serious if you have a 3CCD camcorder…is the video quality way better?

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      yea. With 3CCD, each CCD is sensitive to one of the three primary colors – red, green, and blue. With 1CCD, it has to do red, green, and blue at the same time.

      So get a 3CCD if you can.

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      Think 3x the image data. 1 Charged Coupled Device only brings in the image data of 1 CCD chip. 3 CCD’s bring in 3 times the image data (3x more RGB video data) which gives you a much more detailed image. And you’re correct. Clients take you far more seriously when you show up with a 3CCD rig. If you want to work professionally, you eventually have to get some pro gear. Just don’t put yourself into the poorhouse doing it.

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      To echo the others here, it makes a HUGE difference. With a 1CCD camcorder, you have one chip doing all the work. To make that happen, the chip has to split up duties – 1/4 of the chip reads red pixels, 1/4 of the chip reads blue pixels, and 1/2 the chip reads green pixels. As a result, images are dull and less crisp since the camera has to blend these back together. With a 3CCD setup, each pixel of your image can contain the entire images color values. Images are way crisper.

      If you’re in the market for a used 3CCD cam, we’ve upgraded most of our gear and we have some canon GL-2’s we’re willing to sell. They’re in good shape, and we’ve enjoyed them.

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      As a rule, the answer is yes but there are exceptions.

      For example, Panasonic makes a consumer level 3 chip camera while the Red One is a one chipper. Whcih one do you think will take better looking video?

      you can also get into the CMOS vs. CCD quagmire. And would you rather have a 1/2 inch single chip or a 1/5 inch three chip model?

      Bottom line is to research the cameras in question and do some objective pro/con comparison and decide which features you need/want limited by your budget.

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      In general terms, a 3ccd camcorder gives a more clearer and accurate display of pixels and colors. Most 1CCD (or CMOS) video camcorders today are built more sophisticated and designed to better handle 3 different colors on a single CCD. My single CCD camcorder records in DVD HQ with great picture quality – not so much in low light, but still good. The picture is not dark or grayish-looking, except when the lighting conditions are very low. In this case, however, parts of the image can be blocky.

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