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      So the camcorder I want has this 1/8 input thing…but the mic I found is a 1/4 input and Im hoping there are converters…are there? Or are the only 1/4 mics things that sit at the top of the camcorder and don’t really get up close like newscasters have? (Can I get a mic like that that has a 1/8 input and not XLR or 184…) Do you all get what I mean?


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      Some mics have twist-off end on 1/4 plug, so it converts into 1/8. Of course you can buy an adapter in RadioShack.

      Andrei, http://www.faqvideo.com

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      hell, i built my own adapter from 1/4 to 1/8 inch so i could do audio chats with my vocal mic. you could probably buy the parts for like $3 at radio shack and then just solder them together. all you need is a 1/8 inch plug and a 1/4 inch plug. real easy.

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