17 year old, looking to purchase first prof. lvl cam

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      Hey guys,

      I’m looking into buying my first professional level camcorder and I’ve got about $1000.00 to spend.

      I’m seriously considering the Panasonic NV-MD10000E. Is this a good choice? Can you think of any alternative choices that are also affordable for me? I’m looking for decent sound and 3-CCD’s, interchangeable lens capability isn’t my highest priority considering those cams tend to be more expensive.


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      Hi Max.

      My friend has an older version on one of these, and I can’t really recommend it. The manual controls for shutter speed, aperture, and gain aren’t the greatest. The camera feels pretty much like a consumer camera with a big body and clunky manual controls. The newer models might be a bit better, but I would recommend considering a Canon GL2. They are a little bit more expensive, but if you look around you can find one for a good price.
      The GL2 has 20x optical zoom, a fluorite lens, I think 1/4inch ccds, a hot shoe, and more. After working with the two, the GL2 feels a lot cleaner and more professional, despite its smaller size. It’s a pretty popular camera that’s worth considering.

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      Hi Max –

      I am not a pro nor do I play one on TV but for $1000 you won’t really be able to get a new pro-sumer level camera, let alone a professional one.

      I would suggest looking at reputable sources for used cameras if you need the higher end camera – Something like a Sony VX2000 can be gotten used for well under $1000 if you look around and you may be able to get the VX2100 for around that.

      Take a look on the trading post here (but caveat emptor) and also at B & H Photo.

      Good luck.

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      A limit of $1000 makes things really difficult. The suggestion of a used prosumer camcorder is good, if you get it from a reputable seller. Right now, B&H has a used Canon GL-2 selling for $1575. It’s either B-stock or refurbished, so it should be OK. If you want to buy new, the Panasonic DVC20 sells for about $1200. It has 3 small CCDs, but more importantly, it allows you to manually set the mic level.
      Now, I know all of the above are more than the $1000 price you mentioned. But the alternative would be to go for a strictly consumer model. These days, VERY FEW consumer models allow you to manually set the mic level. Most don’t even allow you to plug in an external mic!!! 😯
      One exception would be the Canon HV20, an HDV camcorder selling for $1100, or maybe slightly less.
      Good luck, πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      Thanks for your help you guys, I was actually able to find a new Canon Gl2 for $1329 and use Canon’s $250 mail in rebate bringing the price down within my range. Again, thanks for your help.

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      Be VERY careful with that deal. Just based on what you described, it sounds like grey market.

      Can you give us a bit more info of where you found the deal? Grey market can take your money and not really give you the camera (just the camera body, not the batteries, eye piece, etc. Essentially they strip everything off).
      If it’s grey market you also won’t have a waranty.

      Hopefully it’s not a grey market item, but post more information so we can help you figure that out.

      Also, make sure you check out resellerratings.com and betterwhois.com to make sure these online retailers are reputable.

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      It’s from geniuscameras.com

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      I hope this doesn’t disappoint you, but that does look like grey market.

      They will take your money, try to sell you a lot of overpriced accessories, and if they do ship it, it will probably be 6-8 weeks later.

      I would strongly urge you to cancel your order if you’ve already put it in or not order from them as I think it will be a lot more trouble than you want.

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      I urge you to set your web browser to http://www.resellerratings.com , click on the Store Ratings tab, then enter geniuscameras.com in the search window and click Find Store.
      I think you’ll find the reviews not very good. :'(
      Ken Hull

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      For the one grand market, and a professional camera, you’ll probably have to go used. My friend bought an XL2 ($2,000) off ebay without any problems, but again, you still have to be careful. Like the others were saying, you definitely want to have manual mike input, and manual lens control for a fair prosumer camera.
      Sorry to be somewhat hypocritical, but the panasonic you first mentioned is pretty cheap, has manual controls (and an audio meter – a horrible one), and some other features, but its really the bottom of the bottom of the prosumer level, in my opinion. (However, the camera i used was probably a little bit older than that.)

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