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      I recently got my first look at what goes on during post production of movie film by doing an online videoconference coloring session. You can see a truncated version of the one hour session by clicking here.

      It’s humbling to see how much work goes in on the post production end to give film, well, the best film look!

      Anybody have any experience in working with transfer sessions before, sitting in and giving instructions? I’m very interested to learn what features are available at the fingertips of the colorist (other than correcting my exposure and setting mattes) that could benefit my look.

      What would you have asked them to do?



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      can you send your movie for example to me ?

      or i can download your clip from youtube?

      If you want to send your example clip my email : jimmyhan@rocketmail.com

      I’m sorry if my english too bad

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