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      Daniel HartDaniel Hart

      Currently, we film, edit, and upload all of our videos in 16:9 aspect ratio. But recently I’ve been considering uploading them in 2.35:1 using the letterbox effect in FCPX, because I like the cinematic feel it gives the videos.

      Any notable upsides or downsides to this? Does it bug you to watch Youtube videos in 2.35:1? Do you think it makes the video look any better?

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      All in your artistic vision sir!

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      Well, if you shot 16:9 and want to deliver 2.35:1, you’re going to have to crop off some of the original image. Depending on the original framing as shot, this may remove important elements of the scene. As the other poster said…up to you, you are the Creative Director of your video.

      On a personal note, I was for a long time annoyed with watching letterboxed videos on my old 4:3 TV set – it made a small screen smaller yet! So I bought a new plasma which is of course 16:9, and now when I rent DVDs, I find that I am STILL watching letterboxed images because the film is 2:35:1 or something. Still looking at black bars…

      Jeff Pulera
      Safe Harbor Computers

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      If you do that, you are catering to “Full Screen” viewers. Which means they will want the highest res play back. You could be cutting out some average viewers with slow internet speeds. If your target audience is more tech savy…by all means.

      As SafeHarbor stated, you will have to keep this in mind when composing shots or you are cutting out detal that comunicates part of the scene.

      Its a look, its trendy but a bunch of guys being cheap decided on 24fps many years ago and look what that caused. Up to you.

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