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      Hi, did anyone else experience problems importing 16:9 AVI-DV into Cyberlinks PowerDirector 5.0. Cyberlink claims that PowerDirector 5.0 supports 16:9, but so far I doubt if this is fully true. Yes, I am able to capture directly from my Panasonic NV-GS500 into PowerDirector 5.0, but the quality is clearly less than the capture I obtain when doing this via Panasonics MotionDV Studio 5.6E.
      My AVI’s that I generated with MotionDV Studio do open in all other programs that I checked (Windows Media Player, Avid Express, Sony Vegas Movie Studio 6.0), so I am sure it is not a corrupt AVI. So far it takes Cyberlink a long time to interact. Meanwhile I want to get this solved and therefore I try this forum. I hope someone knows a bugfix… πŸ™

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