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      I’m shooting my first wedding in widescreen 16:9 this weekend at the beach. Any tips for angles or what to watch for. I’ll be doing this with 2 cameras. I’ve started shooting everything in 16:9 to get use to the different look.

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      Unclear on your statement. Are you shooting your first wedding or the first one in 16:9?

      If you’ve already shot weddings in the past, there shouldn’t be much difference in the content thats shot. It’ll just look different in your monitor. You may need to frame your shot a bit different but no drastic changes I can think of.

      If this is your first wedding shoot, keep extra batteries on hand, film the entire ceremony, (even if its the long Catholic ceremony). Become very friendly with the DJ. This is the person who executes the events such as the first dance, cutting of cake, garter toss, etc. The DJ will tell you when these events are about to take place so that your ready for them. Most weddings follow the same basic schedule. Ceremony, formal pictures, introduction, first dance, best mans toast, dinner, cutting of the cake, dancing, garter/bouquet toss, center piece give away, and more dancing. Again, the DJ will let you know when these events will happen.

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      I shot a few weddings in 4:3 but this will be 16:9. This wedding will also be shot in HD single camera with a 3CCD 2nd camera. I’m excited about this one.

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      I assume the customer understands about your 16/9 format?
      Does at the beach mean on the beach? If so, watch your horizon line. Might seem obvious, but unless you are going for arty effects, the horizon line should be horizontal. If it is slightly off, the 16/9 will accentuate the glitch. If you are shooting on tripods on the beach, it can be a challenge to keep you horizon llne straight. If you’ve got levelers on your pods, no problem. Also, shooting from a balcony can be a remedy. Then there is backlighting…
      On the beach, watch out for ocean spray. At but not on the beach, watch out for beer spray!
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      You used the word "Glamour". Define glamour please. Do you also shoot all weddings in 4:3 or do you offer 16:9? I played a wedding on a HDTV that was shot with a GL2 4:3 format and the TV gave options to strech the format to fit on 16:9 or view the wedding as 4:3. Looked odd streched but still high quality.

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      My wedding at the beach was a disaster. We started the wedding on top of the bluff over looking the ocean. The life guard came just as everything got started and said we can’t be here becuase it’s a emergency vehical path. Then told us about permits which the wedding party did not get for a fee of $50. We then moved down to the beach in high tide with the crowds of people. I was able to set up one tri-pod but becuase of the crowds I had to use my mono-pod. The picture had crowds of people everywhere. We had from the bluff to the water 15 ft of ground to set up. Everything was very tight. I shot between aperature 2.8 to 8 depending on group shot or detail trying to blur out the crowds. There was full sun and 90 degree weather so everyone was sweaty and tired. The groom was dehydrated from drinking all day and looked like he was about to pass out. I had to stand 1 foot from the groomsman to shoot the wedding. My angles were horrible and my unmanned camera in the back it’s cropping is off. They moved the alter 3 ft over in the beginning of the ceromony due to high tide.

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      Also forgot to talk about the sound. I listened to the shotgun mic sound today and I did get get sounds of the waves crashing inbetween the vows. I used 2 wirless mics – the groom and the minister. The ministers voice was very strong and loud. As for the groom and bride they were soft spoken and came through very weak. The wirless mics still pick up ambient noise of waves crashing. I did the best job I could do and I’m very unsatisfied with the results.

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