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      Good-day All

      Which is better, recording in 16:9 mode or editing to 16:9?



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      It’s best to work in one format or aspect ratio when you can.
      If you shoot in 4:3 then you should edit and output to 4:3.

      If your camera is native 16:9 [meaning your chip/s have a 16:9 aspect ratio] then you should shoot it, edit it in 16:9 and output in the same.

      Most everything is moving to 16:9 so you’ll find/have many options to work with.

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      I agree with what hidef1080 had said.

      When you shoot in 16:9 and edit in 16:9 there will be no lost on the video quality.

      Currently I am shooting in 16:9 regularly, so when I burn it to DVD to my friends I make 2 verison. One is for the Wide screen format TV and the other I convert to 4:3 with the 2 black bar on top and bottom of the video during the rendering. All my edit I use 16:9 format.

      I got good feedback from the viewer, for those who are using 4:3 format TV they feel that the wide format give them a film look.

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