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      I am ready to invest in a camera, I amvacillating between these two cameras. I was drawn to the 150 because the price is very reasonable and is there a big difference in image quality between the two ACVHD or DVCPRO HD, student – focus is documentary (possible narrative on the side)

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      I’m guessing you are trying to decide between the HMC150 and HPX170? I’d go with the 170. DVCPro HD is a much better codec than AVCHD.

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      I am struggling with the same question. On one hand, I like the HPX170 but really dred the cost of a couple of 64 P2 cards at a $1000 per wack. On the other, I like the idea of DVCPro HD. I can buy both cameras for almost the same amount but the price difference of storage and length of shooting is what is getting in my way.

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      If the cost of recording media and recording times are the issue, then ask yourself what you’re shooting.

      If you mainly shoot in controlled situations and you can stop to take time to offload the P2 cards, and the higher quality of DVCPro HD is necessary and/or beneficial, then go with the HPX170

      If you find yourself in run-n-gun situations, need long recording times, and the higher compression of AVCHD isn’t a problem for your clients, then go with the HMC150

      Also consider the fact that P2 E-Series cards are guaranteed to last 5 years when shooting on a daily basis.

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      I purchased the 150 about a year and half ago. My primary consideration for the 150 vs the 170 was the cost of media. P2 vs SDHC. I understand the quality of the DVCPro is superior to AVCHD, but 16 gig SDHC cards are 40 bucks now. Weigh the pros and cons. Cost vs quality. Seriously though, the quality of the 150 isn’t shabby. I edit on a 2 year old imac,(2.4ghz) and the AVCHD files have never given the system any trouble.

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      “Seriously though, the quality of the 150 isn’t shabby.”

      I’d be willing to bet that the 150 records pretty nice video. I think what you should consider, cschultz, is what you plan to do during post. If you just do strait cutting, AVCHD is fine, but if you plan on doing any advanced compositing and/or color grading, you will be much better off with DVCPro HD.

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      Like the above posters, it’ll all come down to what sorts of projects you shoot more than anything.

      I’m a student, and most of my work involves working on shorts and event videography. I just shot a wedding with a friend, and having 90 minutes per card at the highest setting was a plus, compared to the Firestore he had to lug around on his HVX200. And the cameras cut together beautifully, too!

      I couldn’t afford the cost of P2, so I went with the 150. The quality of AVCHD actually beats out XDCAM, and certainly HDV, so quality-wise, you won’t miss out on much with AVCHD. Of course, the trade-off is not having the 4:2:2 color that DVCPro HD offers, but unless you’re doing intensive greenscreen work, or broadcast, you’ll be fine. Furthermore, archiving isn’t a hassle as the file size is much smaller. Compare 16GB of AVCHD @ 90 minutes, compared to 16 minutes with DVCPro HD.

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