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      I have spent around 200 hours creating my first masterpiece in 1.5. I go to export to DVD and it ‘encounters’ a problem at Assembling and stops. So I purchased CS4 and that just refuses to open my 1.5 project.

      I have managed to export to file AVI from 1.5 and I thought I would put it through Encore and out to DVD…BUT each time I start Encore it tries to ‘Transcode’ something and hangs. Yes I have been through the Adobe site and followed the instructions about removing the 4.0 folder and contents and, if I have this correctly, on re-start Encore creates a new folder if it can’t find an existing.

      I am getting frustrated, and angry, and about to throw hundreds of pounds worth of software back at Adobe and demand my money back….But that does not get my project out onto a DVD master for duplication.

      Any thoughts would be welcomed.

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    What export options are you using to create the AVI?

    Are you exporting a standard DV-AVI file?

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    File Export Movie

    Microsoft DV AVI, Compressor DV (24p Advanced), Aspect Ratio 1.067, Lower Field First

    Need more input?

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    What was the original footage from and what is the project setting in 1.5?

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    Footage all tape, mini DV shot on XL1. Oh and 1 still pic.

    Here goes:

    General: Editing mode: DV Playback. Timebase 25.00 fps. 720 x 576. D1/DV PAL (1.067). Lower Field First (they are all greyed out), Display Format 25fps Timecode

    Video Playback shows: Play video on DV Hardware, Audio on audio hardware, Real Time playback on DV hardware and desktop, Export to tape Play play audio on DV hardware, Interlaced Frame (2:3:3:2) and Desktop Display is Direct3D

    Capture: DV/IEEE1394 Capture

    Video Rendering: Compressor DV (PAL), Colour Depth Millions of colours (both greyed out) Optimise stills is checked

    Default sequence: 3 video tracks, stereo 3 tracks

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    That is all perfectly fine, so I really doubt there is anything wrong with the AVI video file. Must be a problem with Encore as far as I can tell, gonna need some other help as I am not a Encore expert. The Adobe Encore forum has some really good guys, and one of them is a moderator at Muvipix.com, Bill Hunt. If you can’t get an answer here then stop by muvipix and see if Bill or someone else can help with this.

    Can you add the file to a Premiere CS4 project without any errors or problems? Have you tried the ‘Send to Encore’ option from there?

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    Chuck, thank you kindly for all your help. It, at times, helps to take a problem back and forth…. until suddenly there is a eureka moment. As I type, my project, now in CS4, is rendering, so I will add one more post if all works, as I now expect it to. Thanks for the Encore contact.



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    Please be sure to post the solution Peter, thanks.

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