11 gigs. . no way!!

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      odd problem. I will break it down into its simplest terms. Hopefully I just need to use a different encoder or something, but anyhoot.

      I basically imported an MPEG file (55 minute home video, shot in 16×9) into Adobe Premiere Pro. I added an opening roll for credits and a closing roll of credits. the file, once rendered was freaken 11 gigs. what the fred?

      The movie file itself was under 1 gig. How did simply adding text/title and rolling credits make a movie this huge!! Either it renders it too large, or locks up. whats the deal?

      its home video. what encoder or how in the world do I render this, without it being so ridiculously huge?? This doesn’t make any sense. I believe I tried MPEG-2DVD, and its still a enormous size. How is this possible? This will never fit on any DVD. HELP! 😯

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      thanks for the help.

      last night I went through and started to piece together the video through Encore, using seperate timelines. it works fairly well, though there is a noticeable "gap" or "pause" in between, making the timing of the video a bit odd. nevertheless, it worked. I still don’t understand why my video size is ridiculously huge however, i never had that problem before.

      thanks for the reply and quick help!! πŸ˜€

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