1080P Render settings for Vegas Pro-10?

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      Hey all, well I’m currently using Sony Vegas Pro 10 as my editing software. With my Canon
      T2i I shoot in 1080p-24fps, and in the properties setting of Vegas Pro. I have
      it set to what I filmed the video in(1920x1080p-24p). After doing all my editing, etc. I want to render it and upload to YouTube as 1920x1080P-24fps. Now when I go to
      Render As“, and in
      the “Save-as” drop down list, I choose the Sony AVC(mp4.
      m2ts. etc.)
      . Then when I go to the “Template” drop down list there’s no option for 1920x1080p-24p. It just
      has options “Internet 1920x1080p-25, 1920x1080p-30.” I’m confused as what to save it as?

      Am I suppose to create a custom rendering template for a 1920x1080p-24P
      under the Sony AVC(mp4. m2ts, etc.)? And also does YouTube allow for
      upload of 1920×1080-24p? I may have read that YouTube automatically
      changes your video to 30p when you upload a HD video. But not sure though?

      Now I’ve
      seen a YouTube tutorial on rendering 1080p videos to Youtube. And
      it shows a video filmed in 1920×1080-24p being rendered as 29.97. Why is that? Why
      isn’t there a preset to render as 1920x1080p-24p just as it was filmed in,
      for upload to YouTube?

      Sorry I’m a bit confused, but I appreciate some clarification! Thanks!

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      If you open the settings box once you pick one of them – you can choose the frame rate “24.000 (Film)” If you needed to up-convert to 30 fps, that shouldn’t hurt your footage too much. If it was recorded at 24fps, you will never visually get more than 24 fps no matter what format you render to. When I shot a TV show, it was recorded in 24pscan for this reason – it was natively in a 29.97 wrapper, but visually was 24p.

      For best results for YouTube uploading though, I suggest rendering to a .mxf file. Even if you upscale the bitrate to 35 VBR or 50 CBR, it preserves the original better, and YouTube does a much better job converting this type of file rather than an AVCHD file. My own personal observation and opinion!

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