1080i flicker when editing.

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      Hello and Merry Christmas!

      I’m editing some 1080i footage a friend shot… I think it was a Canon HC10. I’m using Adobe Premiere CS4. The problem is, I don’t know what settings to use to output the finished video.

      If I use 1080i Premiere only lets me use 25fps and motion seems flickery, especially with slow horizontal pans. If I use 1080p 25ps I get the same.

      Am I correct in thinking that 1080i is 50fps? I ask this because if I output in 1080p 50fps the video looks fine with smooth movement. Will creating a 50fps video cause me problems if I ever want to encode it to a SD DVD or even a Blu Ray disk?

      When I import the clip into Premiere it informs me in the project assets pallete that it’s 25fps.

      And when I export the clip as 1080i it sets the frame rate to 25fps.

      When I use this setting however, the slow pan movements are still flickery.

      The only way I can get smooth movement is to output as 1080p 50fps.

      Is the raw AVCHD footage 25 or 50fps?

      Help !

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      If you’re in Europe, then 1080i is 25fps. The i means “interlace.” There are 50 fields that interlace together to create 25 complete frames.

      1080p is 25fps as well, but you can shoot 50fps is your camera allows for it.

      What are you viewing the video on when you see the flickering? Is it still on your computer or have burned it to DVD already and viewed it on a TV?

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