$1000 computer. Your opinions?

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      I belong to a club at school that makes historical documentaries. We’re supposed to have funding from the local university and historical society, but pleas for money for over 5 months have turned up nothing. We’ve been screwed. So the club supervisor got fed up with begging for money and turned to our school. We’ve got $1000 for an editing computer, give or take. Which would be the best for our money? We’re looking for one with a good processor, great graphics, decent RAM (at least a GB) and a good HDD. We’re going to get another HDD and a Firewire port online, so tips on a computer would be greatly appreciated.

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      http://www.compusaauctions.com is a good place to get computers.

      You’d probably want 1GB of ram minimum, a dual core processor, and a nice graphics card.

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