$100 3D Beamsplitter

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      I recently wrote an article for VM Mag about a ‘Mad Genius’ DIY 3D camera rigger. I’ve just found another who is currently putting together a 3D Beam Splitter for around $100. Used primarily for close-ups during 3D shoots, a beam splitter uses a special piece of glass called ’50/50′ that acts as a prism and splits the light coming off your subject to be recorded by two cameras at a 90 degree angle. These rigs made professionally, cost a year or more worth of college tuition. To find one at $100 is very intriguing!

      Check out Jesse Blanchard’s video on the first stages of his build. It looks very promising.

      $100 3D Beamsplitter Rig from Jesse Blanchard on Vimeo.

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