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      Question: How do you create a DVD using Premiere CS3 that loads the main menu as soon as you insert the DVD – without first having to click on a time wasting link first to be taken to your main menu?

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      It’s called a First Play DVD, it can be set to just play through once or to loop, and the answer is you can’t.

      You can’t create a DVD directly from Premiere Pro CS3. You used to be able to do it in CS2 but they got rid of Premiere’s ability to make DVDs when they started bundling Encore with in in the CS3 release. To do it now you have to jump into Encore.

      1: Choose File>Export>Export to Encore

      2: In the dialog box that pops up you chan choose to make a first play dvd with no menus.

      3: When you export it, the project with render out and then open Encore DVD. In Encore click on the build menu to choose the options and create your DVD.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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