Who Are You? What Kind of Video do you Create?

Who Are You? What Kind of Video do you Create?


GREAT blog, Jennifer! I'd

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GREAT blog, Jennifer! I'd love to see a HUGE response on the forum topic and experience a major response from the silent majority we have here. Folks who enjoy Facebook and participate there should also look up videomaker magazine and hit the LIKE button. Another great place to keep up with the ever-expanding community of video enthusiasts.

I have, as of the first of

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I have, as of the first of 2012 started taking my video production to the professional level. I have made a good friendship with a website producer who advises his clients to get videos on their sites, and calls on me to produce them. I have been reading Videomaker and am a plus member for my second year now. I started the business with a pair of Canon Vixia camcorders and Sony Vegas pro 9 which had the tool to upgrade the quality of the videos for client use. I produce videos primarily for web viewing, and after research have been telling clients not to make an Ad which will be rapidly clicked away from but to talk about themselves or the goals of their business's so that their customers new and existing can feel that they know them better. My business is growing and I just built a video slider to provide my clients better quality work as well as a recent upgrade to my cameras.

I create videos at opposit

I create videos at opposite ends of the creativity spectrum. I (we, our company)create artistic work doing multi-camera shoots of professional and amateur theatre productions. Often we tape new works so that the artists can study both their performance and the audience reaction to the work. At the other end of the spectrum we create training videos for construction companies and hospitals, some of which are dramatizations, though most are a record of equipment and technique demonstrations. In between, we work with clients who need photo-montages, web videos and digitizing of film and old tape formats.