Hollywood Shows What Can Be Done With a Prosumer DSLR

Hollywood Shows What Can Be Done With a Prosumer DSLR


Don't confuse a hammer wit

Don't confuse a hammer with a carpenter. Sure they made a movie with a DSLR but they are professionals. They could make a quality movie with a VHS camera. Running out and buying a DSLR is NOT going to make you a better movie. It's a crutch far too many people use to call themselves filmmakers. Buying a $40 hammer is not going to make you hammer nails any better than $10 hammer.

I have begun shooting with

I have begun shooting with a Canon T2i and witgood post production skills using Vegas Pro the results are amazing. It has bcome the prime camera in my arsenal of Cameras. I agree its ultimately the level of skill which will make it happen but intermediate video production can become better with some DSLr equipment

What a wonderful time to b

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What a wonderful time to be a film maker!!! Even for someone with no experience. These cameras offer the most inexperinced film maker a great tool for making movies. All truth be told 80% 0f the film was shot with dslr's. There is good reason that Hurlbut choose to use the D5 Mark II, and that higher end cameras ( RED ) are merging the lines between still and motion photography. It,s a wonderful tool in a small footprint. You can shoot hours and hours of footage, edit it and distribute without backing from Donald Trump. So get out there and tell your story!!!!