Still No Apple MacPro Update Should Make Video Pros Nervous

Still No Apple MacPro Update Should Make Video Pros Nervous

When Final Cut Pro was revealed, video professionals were unhappy. Personally, while I loved previous Final Cut Pro releases, If FCP went away, I could get over it pretty quickly. Editors still have the powerhouse that is Avid, and I'm learning to like Adobe Premiere (admittedly, that's mainly because of it's integration with After Effects). The problem is, with the future of the MacPro in question, it's looking increasingly likely that we'll be forced to migrate to Windows or Linux.

The idea of giving up OS X is not something I, or many other videographers, relish. Some will argue that with thunderboltperipheralsbecoming more common, video editors can easily work on an iMac or MacBook Pro. While it's true that thunderbolt allows for an amazing amount of modular expansion in terms of storage, monitors, and even PCI slots for GPUs, thunderbolt doesn't address the limitation of RAM and processing power. If you've ever rendered out a complex After Effects composition, you know the importance of hyper threaded virtual cores and piles of RAM, something that out of the entire Apple line of computers, only the MacPro can provide.

One might argue that Apple hasn't updated the MacPro because the hardware in the current generation MacPro still stands up to today's standards. While that may be true, wouldn't they at least update it to include the thunderbolt technology they're putting in every other Mac? It's my belief that by abandoning the MacPro line, Apple is unofficially abandoning professionals that need serious horsepower in their workstations. Would they do that? I doubt it, as if they want users to submerge themselves in the Apple ecosystem of consumer products, they'll want people using Apple products at work as well. Apple wants a presence at school and at the office. It just doesn't make sense to not offer a product for power users. Still, it is very fishy that it's been a year and a half since the last update, and every day that goes by without word of a refresh makes me nervous.

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Why no mention of Intel's

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Why no mention of Intel's failure to deliver on new processors? Apple's not re-engineering the Mac Pro until it has something more than Thunderbolt to install. They made us wait for FCP (love it, hate it, lump it) until theyTHOUGHT it was ready. Following that debacle they're not dropping revamped hardware until it'w worthy of being considered a revamp. And Tim Cook's first new big delivery, too?

I have read numerous forum

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I have read numerous forum posts, articles, etc. about Mac Pros and FCP X and I find the overall nervousness, and frankly panic, disturbing. I personally have put all my eggs in one basket. All Apple, all the time. It just works. I have nothing bad to say about Adobe, even if one remembers Premiere nearly dropped dead prior to Final Cut rescuing Apple users. AVID was out of reach for independents and Media 100 was expensive as well. Bottom line here is I've had to adapt or die with all of these NLEs at one point or another, but the platform never failed me. I seriously doubt Apple will drop the Mac Pro for a Mini or iMac with Thunderbolt, although I really would not mind an iMac Pro with more ports, dual processors and high-end graphics. But what exactly is wrong with a current 12-core Mac Pro? Compare it to a Dell or HP workstation, similarly configured and you still get more bang for your buck with a Mac Pro. What is newer on the HP or Dell end exactly? Also, I find that FCP X is mainly scaring off people who don't do well with change. Why do you need to leave FCP 7? It is still great. Take time to learn FCP X in the meantime, while Apple makes it better. I'm convinced it is revolutionary and better. I believe in reduction in scale of technology with an increase in performance for less money. Apple has consistently done this. I can edit on a Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, all for a lot less money than ever and with better results.

Articles like this create

Articles like this create needless worry and fear. No one heard a thing from Apple on whether the tower will exist in the future. I know I now edit most network shows on my laptop with no issues. AVID is still king and Adobe works great. But so does FCP and now FCPX, while most who never used it pan it, is great. Dare I say fantastic. Yes, I use it so speak from experience. And even if Apple abandons the tower, you can buy any number of alternatives or make any number of computers yourself that will run OSX and are as powerful and/or more powerful than a Mac. My buddy showed me a Hackentosh that he made that is the fastest Mac I've ever seen. Cost him $800 to build. Fear not, even if Apple abandons towers, you'll still have many options. And like the old days you'll be able to customize hardware But until Apple says anything it's all a dream.