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A church just held a 5-day

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A church just held a 5-day VBS with 120 kids plus 49 helpers, but four mothers said their child was not to be photographed. My job was to go through all the classrooms getting material for a closing-session video. To identify the kids they put a piece of duct tape on their lanyard (which held their name badges). I spent hours scrubbing the video looking for that tape and found it only twice - all other occurences went unnoticed by me. My questions: 1. Did the Director have to agree to the parents wishes? 2. Suppose their kids were spotted by a parent - can she attempt some action? 3. In my judgment as a videoographer, it is unreasonable to single people out of a group for the purpose of avoiding photographing. Likewise I am against using any sort of "Release" form for the other 116 kids. Isn't there some way to insist that the mere presence of their kids in VBS constitutes permission to video/photograph their kids, and for the church to use the video without worrying about parents vetoing it?