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Appraising the Real Estate Video Market


Great work Earl and Jennif

Great work Earl and Jennifer! You covered all the bases. I do wish there was a 'Print This Article' function on the site. I would like to save a hard copy of this good info. Dan

Let the Realtors sell list

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Let the Realtors sell listings, let a professional videographer handle the video for the same reason you don't want to give yourself a haircut. Anyone can buy a camcorder or a cell phone with a camera, and anyone can buy scissors. The price of a good professional video comes to about .0003% of the average sale price of a listing and makes a much stronger selling impression than a "virtual tour", slide show or photo album while a poorly done video can often work against a sale. The next generation will be expecting 3D and the demands of shooting and editing good 3D that works and doesn't give the viewer headaches are exponential to the requirements of 2D. The skills needed for 3D are attainable for a videographer but can be a bit of a stretch for someone not familiar with the details of what we do.

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I think that video profess

I think that video professional need to understand the RE video market and what your competition fully before investing time. As a video profesisonal and real estate professional I felt that I had a pretty good handle on the realtors needs. About the time I got ready for full marketing for my video services I ran into unbeatable competition This is Realbiz 360. This is a service which is being bundled with many MLS systems. This service allows agents to upload photos and the Realbiz system creates an automated, professional slide show. It is a Flash presenation which has an accordion style interface which also bundles maps, directions and other useful data, which would be very time consuming for the video professional. So how much does one of these presentations cost the agents? How about two dollars! While true video may be better, it is a pretty touch sell to get agent to spent 50 to 200 times this much. You might want to take a look for yourself at Realbiz Media, just google them. This has put all the private virtual companies and most of the photographers out of the real estate media business in my area. The only photogs that still have demand are the ones who do HDR photos for magazines. As for agent promotional vids, there may be some demand, but I have not found pricing power to warrant the time. I had a deal with a local Assoc of Realtors to do 1 minute commercials which were filmed at the Association. The rate was $99 for a green screen shoot with an image of the agent's choice to fill the background. The Association promoted this extensively as a member benefit. In one year we shot 2 videos so the program was discontinued. Orr area is in coastal Florida with many luxury island areas and agents who sell multi-million dollar properties. This was my experience, yours might be different. I do wish you luck in penetrating the real estate video market. It did not work out in my case.

Look closely at the "virtu

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Look closely at the "virtual tour" slide shows that appear on YouTube. Most often the "viewed" number is zero - the agents don't even view their own "videos"! A quick check will reveal the reason- the music chops at the end, the Ken Burns effect is distracting, motion does not improve a bad photo or lighting, and there is absolutely no effort at keywords, tags or anything else that would generate views. The title says "For Sale" and the address. That's what a real estate agent gets for $15 and a smart seller can tell from that how much that agent values their business. But sellers are getting smarter - and sales agents are now calling me because their listing customers REQUESTED video. Sometimes all it takes is getting in the door. We did a "test" video for a local condo, other owners saw it, and we have now produced 34 videos, and more important, rental bookings are up for this property. We're now expanding to offer 3D as an upgrade option. -

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The business IS THERE, for

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The business IS THERE, for those willing to work for it, do it smartly and are competitive in spirit if not in value or price. There will always be competition, we just have to find a way that gets us past price or perceived value.

I have been doing real est

I have been doing real estate video tours since 2005, and I can tell you it IS a viable business. But Realtors are a hard nut to crack - no question. But I shoot at least 4-5 homes every single day of the week (sometimes up to 8), 50 weeks a year and I get anywhere from $250 to $500 a pop. Yes, there's competition, but there is competition in every business. But it's all about 1) proper pricing, 2) quick turnaround 3) being very flexible in working with agents and 4) quick and fast workflow. It's just that simple.

High definition, narrated real estate video tours

Video playback with large font (48 point) giving the details

Video; any video is better than Pictures. I have been shooting video for nearly 10 years. Over the years I made many changes to my custom MultiMedia player; where Real Estate pictures could be completely replaced.


Now it's easy to display the details in large font then a short video clip with more details. (24 Hours a day)


And Random too.


If you start posting a lot of sales video on YouTube people will FLAME you; as it should be. Otherwise YouTube will become nothing but advertising and sales pitches. Boo to that.


Dear Earl and Jennifer,

Dear Earl and Jennifer,

You have done best work according to me. In My Coloney, there is a person who shoots for real estate market person. Now, I understand that how it is important to share a video. I am also talking so much idea's from because It also tells me that How to shoot etc. So, Video making is my dream and I want to complete my Dream. Thanks


Real Estate Video Works

Your real estate buyer is busy, your market is not just local. Real estate videos, not a slide show slice and dice show and tell best. About the local area flavor of the community. Gets the buyer in and out on demand with open house right now in homes, any kind of real estate property listing.


No matter what the weather, time zone, whether the buyer is ready to buy now or six years from now. Help yourself, rewind, rewatch and listen. Send the video link to your parents who are forking over the down payment if they could just see what they're investing in, without the plane tickets to take the tour. They can with video. Right now.


Feed, weed, water it. Like blogs, websites, your video channel needs SEO attention, something besides oh no, guess what day it is. Pick me, I am the best branding videos, your buyer does not want, need more of those. (Hurl) Excuse me.


Stock the shelves with property listings, local events, the FAQ /FYI helpful time and money saving ones. Real estate videos save gas, everyone's.... agents, brokers can produce them, should not be fearful or avoiding the most misunderstood real estate marketing child in the media family.

real estate

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