As Seen on TV: Citizen Journalism Worthy of Your Local News

As Seen on TV: Citizen Journalism Worthy of Your Local News


I haven't had a clear answ

I haven't had a clear answer to this question: if prevented from shooting--legally or illegaly--is it a good idea to state that in your video, perhaps naming the party who stopped you? Are there any implications we should know about?

Were you prevented from sh

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Were you prevented from shooting? In many situations you cannot be prevented, Here is a rough list: You can shoot anyone/anything in public with no repercussions. You can shoot any "happening" news worthy event without repercussion. If in doubt, if the local media will use it, it's happening. Examples: You're drving along and see an accident-shoot away if you have the guts. You go downtown and like the scenery full of people and the hustle and bustle - shoot away. Questionable Events: You cannot shoot any event held in a public place that has applied for permits and/or licenses. They will require you to be licensed and require releases. Example: Breast Cancer Fun run, Bicycle races, Marathons. Technically, you can shoot, but you can't sell your footage. Check with you local codes, Forest Services, townships, etc. Good luck!

Since most local major med

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Since most local major media outlets and stations won't pay for your footage, only a CHUMP would give his footage to a local media station just to see it aired. If they want to air my tornado footage or the car burning up under the truck they can buy it.

It irks me that media outl

It irks me that media outlets are now finding it "OK" to give a "youtube" credit to news footage. I recently shot footage at a government demonstration/protest. Radio-Canada Television (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) used my youtube footage in a news item. The title graphic read "Images: Youtube". Thankfully, I superimposed my logo on the footage. But I still think it's stealing. The credit belongs to me. Youtube didn't shoot the footage. What would happen if I recorded CBC footage from my satellite TV provider (Shaw) in one of my productions and only put a graphic "Video: Shaw Direct"? I'm guessing that CBC wouldn't treat me so well.

I have some video clips of

I have some video clips of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in '09. Some have peoples faces in them. It is an annual event (end of August,beginning of September for 10 days each year.)Can I post them on YouTube without a release from those people?

With so many people having

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With so many people having so many cameras that are so much better than even five years ago why do we still have only blurry out of focus images of Bigfoot and UFOs? Just sayin'.