What is Multicam Editing?

What is Multicam Editing?


We shoot on XH-A1 and a T2

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We shoot on XH-A1 and a T2i. The T2i can't be left on for long durations so we purchased a second (non diversity) Azden receiver and use the sound track to match B roll shots from the DSLR even if we are using more than one wireless mic channel. It works for us.

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MacroSystems developed an

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MacroSystems developed an NLE app called MovieShop for Commodore Amiga computers back in the 90s that offered multicam support. FCP supports up to 128 cameras but who has that many. MovieShop let you work with up to six cameras, which was always more than enough for most people. It's still amazing what you could do with realtime editing in 24bit 720x480 30fps on a 50MHz computer with 128MB of RAM back in the day.

If you are using FCP7 or A

If you are using FCP7 or Adobe Premiere 5 or 5.5 you can use a separate $150 program called PluralEyes to do the synchronization automatically. If you have FCPX check before buying. I work with 2 or 3 cameras + 4 channel digital audio on live performances. Create a sequence with all camera and sound assets in it, export to a FCP compatible XML file and let PluralEyes work. It takes about 1/4 to 1/2 the running time of the sequence to process but when you are done you get a new sequence with all assets synchronized ready to do MultiCam editing. Another trick is to use one audio track for the MC edits then bring all the audio tracks back into the MC sequence for final audio mixing. Works like a charm.