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Online Documentaries


Nice article!! I just fin

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Nice article!! I just finished my micro-doc on Cybersquatting. Please watch it online and let me know what you think.

Ha! Mango, I watched your

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Ha! Mango, I watched your video and I really did laugh out loud. :-) It was really fun to watch. Okay, since this is a video website, I gotta offer some constructive feedback too. Ya need better sound. That's my only improvement suggestion though. I shared your video with some friends!

Thanks for your reply, Man

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Thanks for your reply, Mango. I checked out DocSudio and was really impressed. As a documentarian, I'll definitely be following that organization. I couldn't find any micro doc about cybersquatting, though. Perhaps it hasn't been released yet? Can you send a more specific link? -Andrew