DVD Authoring Buyer's Guide

DVD Authoring Buyer's Guide


A great article, it helped

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A great article, it helped a lot, since I'm always looking for a reliable program. However, I have to comment about your review of the Nero Multimedia Suite 10 program. You said "The sacrifice you'll make here is in menu customization. Users with this program work from pre-made graphics." This isn't actually so, I have the suite and you can customize the menus a great deal. You can use their predefined backgrounds, but you can also use any picture file or video file you care to import. You can add music and even an intro video which plays as the DVD launches in the player. The buttons are locked into their provided shapes, but you can play around with them and have video buttons, or text only. It's not a perfect program, but for me, I've found it the best of the $100 range consumer programs for creating menus. Now if I could only find a video program that isn't so buggy... Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for taking the

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Hi! Thanks for taking the time to give some feedback, it's really appreciated and helps me to see where I can refine my writing later. Yes, you hit the nail right on the head. Nero is stable, easy to use, and more flexible now than it has ever been. However, while you can add some of your own elements, the system is still template driven at its roots. You can't make your own button shapes, highlight layers, etc. This makes it too limiting for my professional needs. I never want to tell a customer "I can't do that, the program won't let me". It is my default program at home and a great value (especially considering all that [can] come with it), but if you make advanced navigation and menus, it's somewhat limiting for a primary professional authoring tool.

Wow - what a great summary

Wow - what a great summary. It is good to see experts who know what they are doing writing such great stuff. In this world of too many choices, who are we to know what works and what does not? And how many times have we bought something wondering if it was the right choice when issues arise? Thanks for clearing the muddy waters. When you see a menu, for example: the Lord of the Rings, can that be done identically on Sony Architect PRO? complete with its sound, graphics, video, etc. Now,do you want a job? lol:)