Fun and Entertaining Vacation Videos

Fun and Entertaining Vacation Videos


Generally good advice, Je

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Generally good advice, Jennifer, but like all 'advice' it should not be treated as having been graven on 'Tablets-of-Stone'. One important thing I would be aiming for, is inform-ative cut-aways to keep the narrative 'live' by introducing a bit of variety. 'Action/reaction' pairings are a case-in-point, especially if the 'reaction' is not that anticipated. Just a few weeks ago, I took a series of shots, from some distance, of an anonymous girl throwing a stick into the surf for her dog to retrieve. Could you think of anything more ordinary? The action continued to the point, where the dog trotted up the beach, straight past her owner, and deposited the stick on the edge of the dry-sand area 'instead'. I cannot look at it without smiling, and it is,in future going to 'wrong-foot' anyone who sees the shot. Even better, repeated attempts to send the dog back to return the stick met without success. That dog, (a Staffordshire Bull-Terrier bitch), had a mind-of-its-own. Immediately prior to that, I had spent half-an-hour patiently observing and fliming a 'Little Blue' Penguin, total height less than a foot, tumbling into and having to climb out of, perfectly 'normal' footprints left on the beach by visitors on a Sunday afternoon. Both of those incidents, within an hour, during a beach-stroll with camcorder. On another occasion, I had the camcorder set up pointing out to sea wondering how to use up a short piece of DV tape still unexposed before heading home. It was a popular surf beach, but almost deserted as it was almost evening. I became aware of a movement behind me, and a sublimely shaped young lady in a black bikini, dashed past, plunged into knee-high surf, and began, uninhibitedly splashing the surf around with her hands. 'Sports Illustrated' likely, takes all day to set up a cover-shot like that; mine was delivered on-a-plate, because I had the presence of mind to press the 'record' button just as she entered the surf almost reflexively. A day of rehearsal couldn't have done-it-better. I watched her as she waded into deeper and ever ever water....and what happened then? She stepped into a small 'hole' and fell-over. On its own it would have qualified as a 'what happened next' if cut at the right point. I guess that illustrates that we should keep the 'rules' in-mind, but also be prepared for the 'unexpected' as well.

Very helpful article. Come

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Very helpful article. Comes just at the right time for my summer vacation!