Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D Camcorder Reviewed

Panasonic HDC-SDT750 3D Camcorder Reviewed


Boy, how I envy you folks

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Boy, how I envy you folks there in the US. Your price, complete with the 3D package, is the same as ours in New Zealand, as a 2D package minus 3D. (Our price in NZ$, of course, currently running at 0.81 of the $US).

Disappointing reading, and

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Disappointing reading, and below the instructional standard I expect from VIDEOMAKER! This author reveals his ultimate 3D weakness in the article's last section, "So...Does It Work?", with the admission that he does not have access to a 3D monitor/system to view his creation. This is a very odd statement, as this same author also reviews the NVIDIA 3D VISION KIT, and the ViewSonic 3D Monitor on the following pages; why were these systems not used in concert with the Panasonic camcorder to correctly educate your readers on 3D imaging? Stereo imaging has been vilified in the past because uninformed, self-appointed "experts" did not take the time or effort to learn, create and view 3D correctly. The "red-cyan glasses" this author used (and by so doing, tacitly recommends) have caused countless users headaches/eyestrain and permanently soured the 3D experience for these same viewers. Until knowledgeable information sources like VIDEOMAKER realize, accept and explain that comfortable viewing of 3D images requires certain perimeters be met in it's creation and display, 3D will be sadly doomed to failure not by it's own flaws, but instead by bad information and subsequent substandard creation/execution based on this bad info. While I appreciate that you are trying to let your readers know about 3D, please at least use authors who know something about this specialized medium so that more people aren't turned off by avoidable bad experiences. Digital 3D is just emerging on the consumer scene. D3D needs to have good and knowledgeable folks who will present it's various components as a total package, and not piecemeal as has been done in the past. Sorry, but stereo imaging has been a 50 year passion for me, and to see it's use by the general public once again squandered through ignorance (well meaning or not) just burns my biscuits!