Zoom H1 Handy Recorder Reviewed

Zoom H1 Handy Recorder Reviewed


Past versions of Zoom reco

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Past versions of Zoom recorders have had the XLR inputs, this allowed consumers, prosumers & professionals to use this device. Hope that feature shall return

I picked up one of these a

I picked up one of these a few months ago to use for sync audio with a point and shoot digital camera. It feels really light if not flimsy, but that works when used on a hand-held tripod like a small Joby. You absolutely must get a windscreen for it. You won't get any good sound with it if you don't. Also, don't get a foam one, get a fuzzy. Unfortunately, Rycote has yet to deem it fit to make a fuzzy windscreen for the H1, but Windtech and K-Tek make fuzzies that are inexpensive which will fit. The H1 has two settings for levels Auto and Manual. Trust me, forget Auto and stick with Manual. The Auto Levels are way too hot whether you have a windscreen or not. Manual's the way to go. Also get a pair of ear buds or a small set of headphones if you want to keep your kit small and light. You'll need the headphones when you use the manual settings to monitor levels. In a pinch you can hook up a mic to the mini-jack or with some creative rigging, possibly an XLR mic with an adapter. Be advised, the H1 is very sensitive and just as the reviewer mentioned hand-holding it is not a good idea. There are some cheap ways to mount it and Rycote makes a shock mount for it for just short of $100. He was also correct about the micro sd cards. Get one larger in capacity than the 2GB one that comes with the kit and just leave it in there. If you have to take it out in windy conditions and it blows out of your hand, good luck finding it! Otherwise, is a pretty simple and useful little device. If you're a ham-fisted, rough-on-the gear type the H1's too delicate for the likes of you. You'll be better off with an H2 or Hn4.

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