Time Control

Time Control


Im a total novice and I th

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Im a total novice and I think your tips are very helpful. However I would like more 5 min video tips with short precise information on them ,as I cannot afford to pay for your courses and Im very interested in film making.THANK YOU...

Great stuff, thanks Mr. Mo

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Great stuff, thanks Mr. Morgan, I was thinking about using traffic into a city to show time passage from a low traffic to a heavy traffic, I think I can find a way to accommodate time crunch. Once again thank you for all the tips, they are really helpful

I, like Brettney, am a tot

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I, like Brettney, am a total novice but willing to learn. Actually my hope is to learn how to make clips equally in lenght. Do I make sense? If I have a clip 5 minutes long, and another one 3 minutes long, how can I balance both of them. Thanks, Raul